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Evelyn Donelson

I am a mother of three. Two boys-12 and 9 yrs old, and a girl-11 yrs old. I am right in the middle of both shootings of Starkeisha and Siretha. A block and 1/2 from both families. These irresponsible African American male thugs shoot around my home all the time. They run through my gang way. The police is always flashing lights in my yard. They use the alley as a street, speeding and hunking their horns all night long. A few months ago, someone was shot two houses down from me. We heard the shots and woke up-screaming "were those gun shot?" After a few seconds were heard someone yelling "Oh, somebody help me!" We looked out the side window and saw a young man running with a limp in the alley. He ran into the store's parking lot and fell out. His "boys" from the next block ran over and scooped him up and took him back with them where the ambulance came and got him. A few weeks later, around 9pm, we heard a loud screech and a noise that sounded like gun shots but we weren't for sure. The kids said "somebody just had an accident". I said "no, those were gun shots. It sounded like a drive by". I was right. In the matter of seconds, detectives were all up and down the alley, across the street, on the next block, and here comes the ambulance. I have a large yard where I used to "think" that my children were safe. They ask me can they go out and I "have to" tell them "not this time". I am in the process of buying my first home, but this is really pushing me to chose something "quick, fast and a hurry!"
I wanted to take my time and chose something that I really want and need. I don't want to run away from my Englewood community, but I have to keep my children safe. I will do what I can to support the fight against gun violence. Senseless gun violence. Where do I go to sign petitions? Who do I call? Please don't let our children slip through the cracks any longer!!!!!!

A scared, concerned parent
I just want to say that I hope this serious community alert will not die down and be forgotten. I haven't heard anything on the news or radio since the rally at Fellowship Baptist Church.


There is an advisory referendum on the Cook County ballot to urge lawmakers to ban assault weapons. Too many legislators have igonred the calls from residents in communities affected by gun violence for too long. This referendum is the voters opportunity to tell the legislature to get these dangerous guns out of our neighborhoods and off of our streets.

Be sure to tell your friends to vote in support of this important ballot referendum


I understand the right to have a fire arm for protection, but an assault rifle is extreme and incomprehensible.

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